Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let's play House!

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I love me some Gregory House! Moreso, I love me some Hugh Laurie! I don't know exactly know what it is, but he is an incredibly sexy older man! He's so phenomenal on the show, and so funny and charming in real life! On the red carpet of the Emmys the other night, they were interviewing Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Allison Cameron on House) and they asked her who she wanted to win the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Her response was Hugh Laurie, partly because he's a talented actor and a colleague of hers, but also because he has the best acceptance speeches... too bad we've never had the privilege of hearing him give an Emmy accepance speech. Here's to next year's Emmys!

In the meantime, here's his acceptance speech charm from the Golden Globes a couple years back:

Last night's season 6 premiere was PHENOMENAL! House was in rehab and kind of re-evaluating himself and how he deals with people and situations. And there was a scene or 2 where House actually smiled! Super charming! Ugh! I adore that man! I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out! Last night's premiere also had Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tony Award winner for In the Heights! LOVED it!!!
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